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Firefly is perfect for long haul flights, simulating the muscle contraction of a brisk walk and refreshing your legs before blood flow related health issues occur.

Reduce the risk of DVT when flying and have fresh legs on arrival with Firefly

For The Frequent Flyer

“I recently took a group of golfers to the US, and we used Firefly for both the flight and in between games. As a frequent flyer I was surprised how fresh my legs were upon arrival, and the feedback from my group was the same. Firefly certainly made our first round the following day much more enjoyable.”

Geoff Black
Age 39
Head Professional Pennant Hills Golf Club

Minimising The Risk of DVT

“I suffer from poor circulation, and subsequent swelling in my feet, making me a candidate for DVT when flying. I was recommended Firefly as my wife and I had to fly to Fiji for a family wedding, a little sceptical at first, but wow what a difference. I arrived, and actually walked from the plane pain free and comfortable”

Stephen Critchley
Age 72
Retired Accountant

For The Business Traveller

“I fly regularly to Asia and the US for business. I need to hit the ground running, particularly in Asia as trips are often very short. I discovered Firefly through a friend, and it has made the difference to my comfort upon arrival.”

Nick Crews
Age 40
General Manager Vixtel

How it Works

The stimulation of blood circulation is proven to assist in preventing the serious health risk of DVT when travelling long distances or when mobility is reduced due to injury. 

Firefly's patented OnPulse technology simulates the muscle contraction of a brisk walk, refreshing your legs before potential blood flow related health issues occur.