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The OnPulse™ technology powering the firefly™ device uses small electrical impulses to increase blood flow and velocity in the muscles of the lower leg to reduce muscle soreness and promote rapid healing.


Recovery is often considered the forgotten training principle


Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) occurs when exercise places unaccustomed load on muscles causing microscopic tears in the muscle fibres.

DOMS typically begins 12-24 hours after exercise and can be painful for up to 72 hours.


Adaptation is the process where the body responds to the stress of a new activity making it easier to perform the next time. Without sufficient recovery, the body will not be able to adapt to the stress of training and performance will not improve.

Planning an effective recovery strategy into training programmes allows athletes to maximise their training results.

Using The firefly™ device as part of your recovery cycle allows you to recover quicker.

go hard
come back

injury recovery

By increasing blood circulation Firefly aids in the recovery of strains and sprains assisting in muscle and ligament repair.

When rest is forced due to injury, Firefly is the perfect tool for passive recovery, keeping your legs fresh without you moving a muscle.

Why Firefly

The firefly device increases blood circulation to recovering muscles and reduces muscle soreness from high intensity exercise.

Blood transports the nutrients required to rebuild body tissue and helps expel metabolic waste from tissues, including muscle.