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Firefly is proven to increase blood circulation for the reduction of muscle soreness (DOMS) within 24 hours, to aid recovery from sprains and strains and to reduce swelling after injury and surgery. Read a selection of independent scientific based studies behind neuromuscular electrostimulation and firefly.

Firefly And The Prevention Of DVT

Conducted By: Dr Tucker and colleagues 

Key Finding: The use of the firefly for neuromuscular electrostimulation of the muscles in the lower leg significantly increases blood flow velocity back to the heart.

Firefly Vs Compression Socks

Conducted By: Dr Ferguson and colleagues

Key Finding: The use of firefly is superior to compression socks in reducing perceived muscle soreness following intense intermittent endurance exercise.

Firefly Vs Acupuncture

Conducted By: Dr Pelech and colleagues

Key Findings: The firefly device considerably increased blood flow which could benefit training recovery and injury healing without significantly increasing metabolic activity in the calf muscle.

Intensive Training Recovery

Conducted By: Dr Taylor and colleagues

Key Findings: The use of firefly aids the physiological and psychological measures of recovery that can lead to significant increases in performance 24 hours post strenous exercise. firefly™ offers an easily applied recovery strategy which may have particular application during sleep and travel.