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Athlete Endorsements

The firefly™ device is portable and easily fits in to your lifestyle making it convenient when your body needs a boost! Hear what some of the world’s leading athletes have to say about firefly below.

Vicki Holland


I complete a sufficient cool down then combine the firefly devices with my compression stockings, which I feel is the most effective recovery protocol. It eases my muscle soreness when I have really pushed myself and I also feel the devices aid my heavy legs from long haul travel.

Emily Sarsfield

Olympic Skicross

I constantly travel between ski resorts for competitions. Bikes, ice baths and other recovery facilities are rarely available - so firefly™ is the perfect recovery aid. It easily fits into my kit bag so I know I am going to be ready for getting the best out of my skis the next day!

Christian Wade

British Lions Rugby

We used firefly™ on the 2013 British & Irish Lions tour of Australia for recovery during travel and between games. I also used the firefly™ device to reduce swelling after recent foot surgery and will continue to use them for recovery after training to return to match fitness.

Samantha Briggs

Crossfit World Champion

CrossFit takes a lot out of your body and being able to recover quicker is vital to continue training and competing. firefly™ helps me to train at the intensity needed to become a top CrossFitter!

Anthony Joshua

IBF Heavyweight Champion

“I found the firefly™ device to be beneficial in aiding recovery after boxing sessions, post altitude training and gym based work during rehabilitation from a Pars fracture.

Nick Grantham

Performance Enhancement Specialist

Athletes lead demanding lifestyles, often juggling training, travel and work commitments. They must place nutrition, hydration and recovery high on their training agenda. The portability and simplicity of the firefly™ device enables athletes to recover on the go and reduce DOMS within 24 hours. Athletes can be confident of increased blood flow and accelerated metabolic waste removal immediately after a high exertion training session or race when using the firefly™ device.

Matt Jones

Australian Open Champion

I came across firefly™ while working with my coach in Australia. I found by using the device immediately after a long session on the range my legs were much fresher the following day. The other major benefit I'm seeing is recovery from travel that comes with playing on the PGA tour.

Mitch Kibby

Professional Triathlete

The Firefly helps to keep blood moving when I’m not moving during a flight and gives me confidence that I can recover and race at my best. It is so easy to use in transit and significantly reduces swelling and soreness after travel or training. The treatment requires no extra energy at the end of a long day and the results speak for themselves. I always pack a firefly!

Nick Baldwin

Professional Ironman

I'm always looking for that added advantage over my competition, and with firefly™ I think I've found it. The portability of the firefly™ device allows you to use it almost anywhere, including during travel, at home, in the office and even walking around.

Jarrod Sammut

London Broncos Superleague

In our profession it's vital we recover as quickly as possible to keep performing at our peak. firefly™ gives me fresh legs to keep pushing the limit and perform at the highest standard.

Mark Threlfall


Firefly™ helps aid my sports recovery and blood circulation. Having suffered with cramps and bad circulation for years I'm excited to feel the improvements with firefly™.

Doug Stacey


Firefly™ helps the London Knights recover faster between back-to-back games, on the bus or at home. We've noticed better performance and the enhanced recovery leaves players feeling ready to perform with a competitive advantage!