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  • Clinically proven to increase blood circulation
  • Reduces swelling & soreness after exercise
  • Aids recovery from sprains & strains
  • Promotes healing of tendon & ligament injuries
  • Use in the office, on a flight or relaxing at home
  • Can be re-applied for multiple uses

For Travelling and training recovery

Frequent Flyers, holiday makers or business travellers - Click to read more about the benefits for travellers.
Elite athlete, training enthusiast or social sports player - Click to read more about the benefits for athletes.

How Does
It Work?

A device applied below the knee to simulate blood circulation – your key to recovery. 

Firefly is easily turned on and off and can be used multiple times - with a battery life exceeding 24 hours. Making it an extremely cost effective recovery tool. Read more about who is using Firefly.

Got some travelling to do?

The stimulation of blood circulation is proven to assist in preventing the serious health risk of DVT when travelling long distances or when mobility is reduced due to injury. Firefly's patented OnPulse technology simulates the muscle contraction of a brisk walk, refreshing your legs before potential blood flow related health issues occur.

Recovering from
a minor injury?

Firefly can help you recover from sprains and ligament damage. When Firefly is turned on and applied to your lower leg it’s OnPulse technology significantly increases blood flow and velocity back to the heart. 

Clinical support for Firefly

Don’t just take our word for it, read the results from clinical trials into the benefits of Firefly.

Click here to read a series of independent clinical studies